Why work for Stellar?

At Stellar, people of all ages and from all walks of life have found success.  They share a positive approach, a willingness to learn and a desire to provide the very best in customer experience.  But why would people choose to work with us?

Obviously there are the financial reasons – a competitive salary and a good benefits package is on offer to all members of staff.  However, working for Stellar is more than just that – by working for Stellar, you are working for a company that put its employees first.  Here are some of the reasons why people choose to work for us:-


Open Book Management Culture

Open Book Management is the most advanced system of interaction between a company and its employees.  It is the driving force behind everything that we do.  Following the OBM principle promotes openness with our employees, and ensures that all employees are empowered to make a big difference in the company and their working environment. 

We ensure that employees are kept informed about the business, and allow everyone to take a personal interest in monthly financial statements.  Employees are encouraged to think and act like the owners of the business and in turn share financially in the company’s success.


Rewarding performance

At Stellar, we ensure that successes are celebrated.  Incentives are linked to employees’ performance as well as to the success of the business.  High performing teams and individuals are also recognised through monthly and ad-hoc incentives and awards. 

Our vision within Stellar is “Passionate about People, Passionate about Customers” and any employee can be nominated by their colleagues for demonstrating their commitment to this Vision.  If successful they will receive an Award in recognition of this, and may also be considered to be Employee of the Month.  Finally, we hold an Annual Awards dinner/dance where top performers throughout the year receive an award for their achievements.


A fun working environment

We expect a high level of commitment from our staff but know that in order to receive this, employees need to be motivated and encouraged at their work.  Working at Stellar  is fast paced, and every day brings new and exciting challenges which our employees thrive upon.  The Centres themselves are modern, with state-of-the-art facilities, and there is a definite sense of fun across the Company. 


Internal Opportunities and Training

At Stellar, we want to be able to help employees further both their education and their career.  Training courses are available, both at Management level and at Agent level, and we encourage as many staff as possible to attend these in order to develop new skills and qualifications that will contribute to their career aspirations and future success. 

If employees demonstrate their commitment and ability, they are able to progress into a diverse range of challenging roles within the Centre or support teams.  Any vacancies within the company are advertised internally, and staff are encouraged to apply for these positions.  We want our staff to be challenged and be able to further their career within the company, and will do as much as we can to assist with this.


Range of working patterns

We understand that different people have different requirements and commitments.  The option of full or part time positions, plus a wide range of shift patterns, will allow employees to balance their work life with these personal commitments.  


Our location

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4 Symington Place, i3, Irvine, Ayrshire KA11 5DE Scotland

Phone:+44 1294 225 300

Fax:+44 1294 225 301

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