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Stellar Europe and its global network deliver contact-management and business-process solutions to some of the world’s most-admired companies. Stellar is literally the voice, live chat or tweet behind the brand of some of the largest and most respected companies around the world. With around 4,000 employees in 15 offices, Stellar handles 300+ million contacts and 100 million transactions every year. In Europe, Stellar has been a dedicated customer contact management expert for more than 14 years. Supporting all communication methods, including phone, email, web, social media and multi-lingual services allows Stellar’s clients - both corporate and SME - to focus on their core business and strengthen competitive advantage.

The Challenge

As the UK’s leading online portal in automotive retail, the client’s vision is to be at the heart of the UK motor trade and the partner of choice for digital advertising. As a constantly evolving brand, the client leads the marketplace in innovation and user experience. Since transitioning from a publishing to a fully digital business, the client’s website has taken central stage, enabling consumers to make more informed choices about the cars they want to purchase and the dealers they visit. The mission is to make the buying and selling of vehicles as easy as possible for both consumers and dealer customers. This is evidenced in a highly evolved portal across all modern digital browsing devices.

Understanding how consumers search and enabling dealers to respond according to the range of digital devices, such as desktop, tablet and mobile usage is a key element of the client’s proposition; providing the best online experience is becoming a growing and important aspect of the overall sales cycle.


 However, research undertaken by Stellar’s client concluded: -

    • UK Dealer engagement in online chat is lower compared to their US counterparts
    • 40%+ of all chat opportunities are missed online everyday
    • Many of these chat opportunities are during peak traffic times (5pm-9pm)
    • Many dealers struggle to find the optimal technique for generating leads via chat
    • Combined with poor email responses, UK dealers have some of the worst consumer engagement levels globally.

The client wanted to conduct a proof of concept where they can answer chats on a dealer’s behalf, using Stellar’s highly trained agents, on a “managed chat” basis offering. A small cross-section of dealerships were given the opportunity to come onboard to this test – they were therefore enabled to maintain a 100% on-line presence of their digital forecourt utilising Stellar’s agents as “Chat Advocates”.

The Solution....A Digitally Enhanced Presence

The Managed Chat proof of concept

Stellar’s client had several options for tackling this issue. They could grow internally and invest in training for their in-house team or engage with a customer management expert who specialised in chat sales and customer service.

The requirement was for a partner to help capitalise on the large number of customers browsing the web site. The task demanded a flexible partner with a strong background in sales that could be up and running quickly with strong results.

On that basis, Stellar were selected to handle the Managed Chat proof of concept - Not only demonstrating a proven success in customer acquisition, Stellar also offered a host of best practices and experience to help succeed.


Some of Stellar’s core differentiators include:

    • World-class Training - Stellar’s agents are well trained with custom-made training curriculum.
    • Quick Staffing Ramp-up - Stellar has the ability to manage fluctuating volumes and can ramp quickly through their robust hiring and training process.
    • Stringent Quality Monitoring - Stellar’s best-of-breed QA process improves agent performance and ensures a positive customer experience.
    • Highest Integrity -  Stellar adhere to the highest standards and the results can be seen in strong retention rates and CSAT scores.

Stellar’s experienced and dedicated project management team implemented the solution in just three weeks. The Managed Chat setup was configured using an automotive industry leading software solution. Now Stellar’s motivated chat operatives were answering chats for their client when dealerships were too busy or not online.


This provided dealerships with several key benefits:

Never Closed – the dealership maintains a 100% online presence on their digital forecourt.

Brand Protection - Every chat is answered, maintaining a high level of customer service for the dealership and thus reflecting well on Stellar’s client and the dealership alike.

Quality assurance – the ability to develop a centre of excellence for chat response and leading to a higher quality of lead for dealers.


On- line led to .......Great Results

The popularity of the live chat option has proved itself very quickly for customers and dealerships. As hoped, it has become a fundamental aspect of the sales process.

Currently the Chat Advocate team deal with over 4000 chats per week, with around 60% of all chatting customer engaging enough to pass on contact details or set an appointment with a dealership. As customers get used to the on-line servicing options, Stellar’s client relationship manager commented:

“It’s clear that our customers are making more inquiries through the live chat medium and we expect usage to grow. It’s proving its worth particularly as it really engages the customer by providing continuous support throughout the sales process.

Customers are able to receive support at a time that suits them and their enquiries are dealt with immediately which increases our reputation for excellent customer service and the likelihood of the dealership making a sale.

It is particularly pleasing that we are continuing to improve our pioneering approach to digital engagement with Stellar. Their efficient and effective contact approach demonstrates just how impactful and important these types of advances are to improving customer experience” (Head of Consumer, Leading online portal in automotive retail)

Following the initial 8-week proof of concept of the Managed Live Chat Service, Stellar progressed to a 24/7 model supporting hundreds of dealerships now adopting this solution. Having surpassed 50,000 active chats in the first 6 months, the service is well established and provides a robust model for all future growth.

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