Advancing Your Career in a Call Centre

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Posted by: Helyn Stevenson

Advancing Your Career - Helyn Stevenson

Before I tell you about my journey working for Stellar, and how it turned out to be a great career opportunity, here’s a wee bit about my working life before that.

I started my first job in 1978 in a company based in Kilwinning who made Wrangler jeans. I lasted two years there before moving to Largs where I got a job in a large seafront hotel where I learned the day to day running of the hotel. I stayed in that job for 10 years working my way up to Assistant Manager at which point I got married and became a homemaker bringing up my young son. After a couple of years I decided to take on a part time job at Ravenspark Golf Club which to my surprise I stayed for another 10 year stint. I must be a glutton for punishment J

Finally in 2002, I joined a local call centre business called Stellar which was known as Excell Contact Centres at the time. Little did I know that this would be the start of yet another wide and varied career journey.

Like many employees, I joined Stellar thinking it would do me for a wee while and I certainly had no real plan to carve out a new career from it, but it’s funny how things turn out sometimes, especially when you work for a company like Stellar that genuinely offers internal personnel the opportunity to take on new roles of responsibility and the chance to learn new skills along the way. And so my journey began.

My first job was within the call centre Operations, or “on the phones” as it’s called. During this time I worked on many client accounts where I could be providing a range of services such as speaking to the public about Lifestyle Surveys, selling General Insurance products or even pre-qualifying people for potential Loans / Mortgages. All of these were done by Stellar on behalf of some really major brands which was a big surprise to me.

I really enjoyed working in Operations as I had loads of friends to talk with or give advice to (or sometimes ask for it J). I had no real plan to move on but after 5 years I got the opportunity to take on the job of Reception in Stellar’s Irvine centre as the main Receptionist was joining our H.R. Department.  I loved it! The job involved so many different tasks dealing with visitors, prospective clients as well as supporting internal Departments with various jobs which kept things fresh and interesting for me. But just when I thought I would end my days at Stellar as Receptionist, due to business demand I also got a chance to join the H.R. Dept as an H.R. & Recruitment Associate.

Well, I thought I had been busy as Receptionist, but this was a whole new ball game! As a call centre, we recruit and deal with employee related matters constantly so it really was a baptism of fire. I’ve now been doing the job for over 3 years but have never looked back.       

When I think about the many years I’ve spent at Stellar so far (just over 14 years), I can honestly say they really are a company that offers genuine career changing opportunities to people who are willing to work hard. They’ve got an Employee benefits scheme called Perkbox that offers loads of discounts and if you’re on the phones, there’s also a performance based incentive scheme. I know Stellar’s not perfect and a call centre job isn’t for everyone, but I’m sure there are lots of employers out there that just don’t offer benefits like that to their employees, so the final thing I would say is “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

 Has Helyn’s story got you interested in working for Stellar? It could be the new job or career change you’ve been looking for!  

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